No More Boos–“Uncle Charlie” Showered With Love

A championship and a bobblehead can change things

It wasn’t always a honeymoon for Charlie Manuel and Philadelphia fans.

Manuel replaced a Philadelphia icon in Larry Bowa as Phillies manager in 2005 and wasn’t welcomed with open arms by the general Philly fans populace.

"Uncle Charlie" was criticized for not being a good in-game manager. Early on it seemed like every move he made during a game would backfire.

Of course fans had no problem letting the manager have it when things were not going well for the Phightins. It seemed inevitable that Manuel wouldn't last long as a manager in Philly.

Manuel took criticism from the media as well. After a tough loss to the New York Mets in April 2007, radio host Howard Eskin questioned Manuel’s ability to show anger towards his players.

The blow up was caught on tape and showed that the nice-guy Manuel also had a fiery streak.

Manuel endured the heat from fans and media. He was able to lead the Phillies into the playoffs in 2007 and again in 2008 where the Phillies became the World Series Champs.

Winning does funny things -- fans started to embrace Manuel during the 2008 season.

"Uncle Charlie" can do no wrong now that the Phils are the champs with Manuel at the helm.

Tuesday night officially confirmed fans' love for Manuel. All fans received a Charlie Manuel bobblehead as they entered the Phils game against the Washington Nationals.

Manuel was welcomed with applause from the fans showing gratitude of the manager’s accomplishments even as he walked out to the mound to check on injured ace Cole Hamels.

Who would have ever guessed Manuel would become the most popular Philadelphia coach in the city? This man went from being halfway out the door to being looked upon as a Philadelphia hero who led the team to the promised land for the first time in a quarter century.

Instead of hearing splattering boos throughout the ballpark when Manuel pops out of the dugout, we hear chants of Charlie! Charlie! Charlie!

Manuel has earned a place in the hearts of Philadelphia fans for years to come.

Did you get your Charlie bobblehead?

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