Would You Want Tebow on the Eagles?

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With Peyton Manning reportedly about to ink a mega five-year deal to join the Denver Broncos, the team’s tenuous current starter Tim Tebow could be bound for the trade market.

Tebow, the polarizing former Heisman Trophy Winner, who has gone 8-6 as a starter in his two years with the Broncos seems likely to land with his hometown Jacksonville Jaguars. But that doesn’t mean other teams like the Eagles wouldn’t be interested in bringing him in as a wildcat weapon.

Pro Football Talk’s Mike Florio, Sports Illustrated’s Jim Trotter and even the Daily News’ Rich Hofmann have all jumped in with their thoughts on why Tebow to the Birds could happen.

But does it make sense?

Instead of me giving you my opinion, why don’t you share your answer to the following question:

Would you like to see Tim Tebow in Eagles green next season?

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