Step Up to the Plate NY, Fight a No “Frills” Game

NY newspapers name-calling shows lowbrow defense

On the front page of the New York Post today there is a poorly Photoshopped picture of Philadelphia Phillie Shane Victorino in a cheerleading skirt and the words, “Here Come the Frillies.”

The article that follows the “Frillies” dig is entitled, “Their Fans Are Second Rate and So Is Their City.”

Those are not fighting words.

In fact, the ensuing article is just a sad list of lame insults toward the city that New York itself has named its “sixth borough.” Its childish jabs don’t make logical sense in a discussion about the World Series.

The rambling article, which took three people to write, says that Philadelphians are unfashionable, ride the trains and eat “overcooked minced-meat sandwiches doused in CheezWhiz.”

So? And what part of that is “frilly?” What part of that has anything to do with baseball?

The New York Daily News also got in on the pathetic, second grade taunts that are borderline comical. Its headline today: “Cheesesteak-stinkin’ Town Poses Just a Phantom Menace to Yankees.”

Referring to Star Wars and cheesesteaks makes about as much sense as if I entitled my article “No More Yankee My Wankee.” None of it has to do with championship baseball.

The paper calls the defending world champions’ belief that they can do it again a “mass delusion” in “Silly-delphia” because—ready?—the Phillies Phanatic is weird looking.

The two New York newspapers’ jabs only get more juvenile as one reads further into the articles.

The Daily News compares Philly’s faith in winning the World Series to thinking “Sanjaya would beat Jordin Sparks.” They’re making American Idol references, and we’re supposed to be the “frilly” ones?

The disorganized, unconnected insults continue by calling Philadelphians insane and “cuckoo” for thinking we have a chance.

Oh, New York. I’m almost embarrassed for you. Not one part of your argument was an actual argument. Your strange, lowbrow insults didn’t prove you are the better “man” in the upcoming battle. Quite the opposite. You just sound like a big bully with limited vocabulary.

So although we are the so-called “uncultured” ones, humor us with an elevated debate. We’ll get you started:

The only fact thrown into these articles that is relevant is that the Yankees have 26 championships, while the Phils have two.

This is true, but these New York writers are forgetting a few things:

1.)    The only world championships the Yankees have won in the past 30 years were led by Joe Torre
2.)    Before Torre came on board, the Yanks had a 17-year dry spell
3.)    Torre does not wear the pin stripes anymore

And—get ready for this one New York:

4.)    Torre said the current Phillies team reminds him of his Yankee teams

Ouch! That’s got to sting – much more than saying our neighborhoods have weird names.

The best Yankee manager in decades just said that the 2009 Philadelphia Phillies are like his championship Yankees– you know, his teams with Tino and Bernie and Paulie and Cone and Boggs and Doc, and Strawberry-- and Girardi behind the plate. Sure the Yankees still have Jeter, Mariano, Posada and Pettitte. But Torre isn’t pointing at them. He’s pointing at Charlie Manuel’s boys.

So go ahead and call us ugly, crazy, and dumb, New York. We’ve heard it before. Step up to the plate and fight clean. We’ll do the same.

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