Social Media's Impact on Today's Sports Landscape

In the latest edition of Eagle Eye, an Eagles podcast, Derrick Gunn and Barrett Brooks recap their Memorial Day weekends. As the Bryan Colangelo twitter controversy continues to play out, how has social media changed the sports landscape compared to back when Barrett played?

Barrett explains why over half of NFL players would've lost their jobs if social media existed back during his playing days.

1:00 - Memorial Day weekend recaps. Gunner's was a struggle.
5:30 - Barrett's weekend involved a pool.
8:00 - Guys react to the Bryan Colangelo controversy.
12:00 - Will this lead to more or less burner accounts?
19:30 - Why do so many players have burner accounts?
23:00 - Things are so different today compared to when Barrett played.
25:00 - How this can affect a locker room. 

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