Stephen A. Smith Hilariously Loses His Mind Screaming About Joel Embiid

"Marc Gasssooooooooaahhhhhhhhhooooooool!?"

I don't really know what in the world Stephen A. Smith was trying to say about Joel Embiid's big zero performance on Monday night against the Toronto Raptors on ESPN's First Take today, but it's absolutely hilarious to watch Screamin' A. lose his mind and hit those high notes.

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Smith seemingly attempts to say it'd be one thing if Embiid took a night off against a weak opponent like the Orlando Magic or Utah Jazz, but he didn't. Embiid put up a donut against the Raptors in the same city that his heart was broken in during the playoffs last season.

I don't know. Stephen A. Smith makes lots of funny noises and I think he deserves whatever money he gets paid.

Just watch:

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