“Sid the Kid” Feels the Heat From Flyers Fans

Hey Flyers Fans: Want to know how you can help the Flyers turn their first round series around?

Here’s a secret: Just be yourselves.

That’s because BIG, BAD Sidney Crosby is scared of Philadelphia.

With the Pittsburgh Penguins Philly-bound the Flyers need to get the home ice advantage. When the Penguins invade the Wachovia Center for Games 3 and 4 it is imperative that the 20,000-strong Orange Crush pounce on Crosby like a lion on prey.

Crosby went on record in December that Philadelphia is the worst place for him to play.

Earlier this season “Sid the Kid” described his past Philadelphia experiences as “vicious.”

With that knowledge the Flyers faithful need to get into his head like usual.

Crosby is a talented superstar. But, he often appears like a cocky, spoiled five year old on the ice -- his constant complaints for calls and his overall selfish attitude.

His reputation is held in even worse esteem because some fans believe that he isn’t even the best Penguin. You could argue that title should go to Evgeni Malkin.

All of this makes Crosby enemy No. 1 in Flyers Country.

Crosby must know that Flyers fans want to see him get popped as many times as possible. It's a safe bet that the Flyers will want to oblige their fan's desires as much as possible.

Getting physical with Crosby is imperative from a game strategy aspect.

It's also what the Flyers will have to do to keep the home crowd momentum at its peak -- or to Crosby at its most frightening level.

The Flyers and their fans need to make him shake in his knees. It won’t be so easy for the 21-year-old Crosby to skate if he's feeling it from the fans.

Flyers goalie Marty Biron sure wouldn't mind some help out there. In Game 1 Crosby was comfortable and it showed as Sid the Kid notched a goal and an assist.

The Wachovia Center games will be the time to take the Pens’ hot shot All-Star out of his game. It will take a dual effort from the fans and from the Flyers themselves to bring Crosby down from his cocky-hockey high horse.

The team, especially the defense will need to contain and HIT Crosby, Malkin, Max Talbot and the rest of the Pittsburgh crew.

The fans will have to do some hitting of their own -- let Crosby and company feel the sting of a hostile South Philly environment.

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