Scott Hartnell Wig Giveaway Night Thursday

The first 5,000 fans and all kids under 14 will get curly wigs just like the popular winger's hair at Thursday’s Flyers-Panthers game.

Not everyone’s as lucky as Flyers left-winger Scott Hartnell—or this NBC Philadelphia writer, for that matter.

No, we’re not talking about scrappiness or crashing-the-net hockey talent, although Hartnell certainly has both (and those who know this girl can vouch for her on-ice skills).

We’re talking about hair here, people. Glorious, flowing reddish-brown curly locks. And Hartnell’s got ‘em. A much-circulated photo—you can see it to your right—shows Hartnell with linemates Joffrey Lupul (left) and Jeff Carter, wearing Hartnell wigs.

Unable to grow your own fabulous mop of hair? Fear not. The first 5,000 fans and all kids under 14 will get their own curly wigs at Thursday’s game against the Florida Panthers. That's March 26, for those of you without calendars.
This writer will be there. Though she hasn't decided whether to don a wig or rock her own God-given Hartnell hair...

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