Return Fire – Malcolm Jenkins Goes NSFW on Orlando Scandrick

By the time Malcolm Jenkins got off the practice field Friday afternoon, he had already heard about the comments from his former teammate Orlando Scandrick on FS1's Undefeated. 

While talking about Scandrick, who classified Jenkins as a selfish player, Jenkins said he didn't "give two s-" about players who aren't on the team anymore. 

"For us to move on as a team," Jenkins said, "we can't have motherf--s like that in the room." 

During his national television interview earlier on Friday morning, Scandrick said there were some selfish players on the Eagles' defense and pointed to a play where Jenkins was supposed to provide safety help for Rasul Douglas in the Minnesota game. After he playfully declined to say who he was talking about, Scandrick made it clear and ripped Jenkins. 

"Look, I really (don't) give two s- about people who ain't here," Jenkins said. "A lot of it was … you could ask anybody in the locker room who I am as a player, who I am to this team, I think one of the things he said was I didn't take accountability for certain plays, which anybody who goes and looks at any of my comments, I immediately take credit for all of the mistakes I make."

For what it's worth, Jenkins had already taken blame for that deep-ball touchdown in Minnesota. 

So, on Friday, Jenkins was asked directly about Scandrick's assertion that he's a selfish player. 

"Man, my record speaks for itself," Jenkins responded. "Everybody knows what I do for this team, what I do for everybody in this locker room, how much time I put into … see, I won't even waste my effort with that."

Jenkins, 31, has been considered a veteran leader in the Eagles' locker room since his arrival in 2014. During that time, he hasn't just been one of the team's best players, he's also been one of its most respected leaders. 

When asked about Scandrick's questioning the leadership on the Eagles, Jenkins scoffed: "The 12-year vet said there's leadership issues?" 

While he was clearly mad about the comments from a guy who shared a meeting room and a huddle with him just last week, Jenkins also said he was relieved that player is gone. 

"I think the most [frustrating part] is you go to battle with somebody, you see them face to face every day," Jenkins said. "We're all grown men. If you have something that's on your mind, go ahead and say it. We've got that open dialogue here. I know I'm not afraid to say something if I have an issue. I would hope my peers have the same respect. At the same time, to know now that that's kind of what was in your locker room, it feels good to know that he's not here."

One of the overarching themes of Scandrick's appearance on TV this morning was about an overall lack of accountability in the Eagles' franchise. Scandrick said there's a lack of accountability with the team and "it starts from the top." 

Jenkins was asked about that accountability problem on Friday. 

"How long was he here?" Jenkins fired back. 

A reporter said three weeks. 

"That's probably not long enough to know the team."

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