We take it back: Atlanta's third jerseys are atrocious

Yesterday, we ran an Icethetics spy report that depicted the Atlanta Thrashers' new third jersey. We said "it's not terrible." We were wrong.

This is the intrinsic problem with basing an opinion on a postage stamp-sized artist's rendering of the jersey. The color is lighter than we expected. The font on the front of the jersey is still pretty snappy, but its quirky design emphasizes the "T" and "R" while de-emphasizing the "H" in "Thrashers"; the result is a subtle and unfortunate optical trick that pushes the eye to see "Trashers."

But above all else: Yellow for the team name. Yellow. The color of cowardice. The color of jaundice. The color of urine. Not the deep gold of the Thrashers' logo. This would appear to be lemon yellow. It's a travesty, destroying whatever this jersey had going for it. It's a fire-able offense for the designer and those who approved it.

We don't want to pile on the Thrashers. But they're making it easy, with these fashion disasters and the fact that everyone on the roster outside of Johan Hedberg appears to be an alternate captain this season.

In a way, we'd like to congratulate the Thrashers for not playing it safe and for giving us the first Wild Wing-level alt-jersey bust of the new crop. Someone had to do it; although we're holding out hope for the Kings.

Uni Watch's Paul Lukas is no fan of the new Thrashers sweaters either, and has a terrific breakdown of the NHL's new couture over on ESPN, including memorial patches for Luc Bourdon and the fact that the Devils cheated with Pierre-Luc Letourneau-Leblond's name during the preseason.

Finally, Icethetics revealed the third jerseys for the Philadelphia Flyers and Tampa Bay Lightning.

The Bolts' one features the name "Tampa Bay" written across the bottom of the back, where it will rest near the buttocks. Make of that what you will.

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