The Best Video of a Met Doing Something Good You've Ever Seen

Meet the Mets, greet the Mets, step right up and hate the Mets.

It's a familiar refrain that's been around in Philadelphia since baseball was invented (or since the Mets came into existence, I guess).

But every now and then the stars align and a New York Mets player does something truly special such as the pudgy pitcher Bartolo Colon hitting a home run in an real live actual baseball game.

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Then, another equally talented person splices that historic moment with the legendary part of the great baseball movie "The Natural" and a masterpiece is created.

There are probably better videos of Mets in existence. Pretty much anyone involving the Phillies dominating them in the late aughts, for example. But I can't imagine a better video of a Mets' player actually doing something good.

via Deadspin

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