Phillies Want You to Put Peter Borjous in the All-Star Game

Naturally, teams want to show they support all of their players, from the superstars to the last guy on the bench, so a gentle reminder from the Phillies that All-Star voting and even throwing out a few names is underway makes sense. #VoteBourjous, on the other hand, is wading into the absurd.

Actually, these days #VoteBigPiece isn't a whole heck of a lot better.

Nothing against Peter Bourjos, a gritty outfielder who, defends, hustles and leaves everything out on the diamond, but is a fringe Major Leaguer has a .198 average is and usually slotted behind the pitcher in the batting order. That is not #ASGWorthy, Phillies. Not worthy at all.

Ryan Howard we can at least partially understand, if only for nostalgia. This is looking like the guy's last season, at least with the Phillies. He's a three-time All-Star, a former Most Valuable Player and a World Series champion. He's a legend to this franchise, and surely still a fan favorite to more than a handful out there. He even has eight home runs in 2016. Maybe you want to give the guy his Kobe moment.

It may seem like a little harmless social-media fun to promote the guys and All-Star voting, but it's all fun and games until Peter Bourjos winds up in the Mid-Summer Classic.

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Hey, the All-Star Game is supposed to be all about the players the fans want to see. So I guess if you want to see Peter Bourjos in San Diego this July, go nuts.

Seriously, vote for Peter Bourjos. That would certainly be entertaining.

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