Everybody Loves ‘Gentleman Jim'

Philly loves you, Jim Thome, but so does seemingly all of baseball.

Although he played only four seasons with the Phillies, Thome's impact reaches far beyond the box score (see story). He signaled the start of an era that would culminate in a title and two appearances in the World Series. 

Thome was definitely feeling the love Wednesday as he heard his name called to the Hall of Fame.

The moment Thome, and his dad Chuck, have been waiting for was caught on camera.

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In a great moment, Charlie Manuel made a surprise phone call into MLB Network.

Among the many messages posted on social media, these two stood out to prove why Thome was destined to be enshrined in Cooperstown.

Finally, some of his former teammates and friends chimed in as well.

Congratulations, Jim.

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