Say It Aint So, Joe

VP Biden's favorite team is the Yankees, Phillies come second

While he wasn’t under oath, Vice President Joe Biden made a bold claim on national television Monday afternoon.

The Vice President is officially a Phillies fan.
Well sort of.

After throwing out the ceremonial first pitch at Monday’s Opening Day game in Baltimore, the Scranton, Pa. native and Delaware resident told ESPN that while growing up the Wiz Kids were his favorite boys in pinstripes -- at least in the National League.
The official fan nod goes to the Orioles' Monday opponent -- the New York Yankees.
(Hhhmmm, flip flopper?)
Yes with influence from his grandfather Biden admits the Bronx Bombers blew all others off the map.
That must be the reason a sold out Camden Yards welcomed Biden’s ceremonial first pitch with about as much love as they showed Annapolis-native-turned-Yankee Mark Teixeira.
In fact a thunderous boom echoed throughout the stadium as the self-proclaimed ball-playing VP took the hill.
But hey take it easy on the guy.
At age 10 his family moved to the baseball-less state of Delaware.
The neutral home base offered plenty of nearby baseball options. Imagine the hostility especially for a kid whose two favorite teams varied so much (let’s not forget the Yankees swept the Phils in the 1950 World Series).
Yet the former high school center fielder learned to avoid the neighborhood numskulls early on by mirroring his playing days off his boyhood idol Mickey Mantle.
While Biden never had the brawn of the Mick he has captured the Yankees slogan throughout his political career -- win, win, win.
Does Biden make up a new evil empire? Who knows? But, a smile broke on the VP’s face despite the ribbing from Maryland-based fans -- after all he and President Barack Obama won 62 percent of the state, about the same amount games -- 62 -- the Orioles should win this season.

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