Charlie's a Weight-Loss Celeb

Manuel drops 50 pounds, endorses the program that got him there

Phillies skipper Charlie Manuel is Nutrisystem's newest pitchman, according to SportsBusiness Journal.

It seems Manuel, 65, started the weight-loss program a few months ago and loved it so much that he agreed to endorse the Horsham-based company.

So far, the manager has dropped 50 pounds on the program which has other high-profile supporters like Dan Marino, ESPN's Chris Berman and comedian Larry the Cable Guy.

The new, 230-pound Manuel is expected to film TV commercials in the post-season -- hopefully after another parade down Broad Street.

"I hope that's a while from now," Charlie said in an MLB report Monday before his defending World Series champs lost to the Astros.

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Manuel isn't the first Philly coach to stump for a weight-loss program. Remember Andy Reid's L.A. Weight Loss Challenge?

Big Red lost a good amount of weight on the plan, but gained it all back and more after troubles with his sons and T.O.

The Eagles' head coach got back on the horse over this past off-season dropping 75 pounds on a new program called Medifast, according to ESPN via The Inky.

Maybe the two can work together and form a support group to suppress those late-night cravings.

In any case, let's hope seasons for both coaches end well so the buttons don't pop off their crisp, new shirts.

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