Overheard at Camp: Myers in the Mix and DeSean's Back

Rob Myers gets his first workout in with the Iggles

With Cornelius Ingram out for the season with an ACL tear, Rob Myers is one guy looking to step in at tight end. The Eagles signed him late Saturday and Myers is getting a crash course and practiced for the first time Sunday morning.

"All right. There's three tight ends out here, you know. And everything happened pretty quick. I mean, they got their first game on Thursday and I'm sitting there and I kinda know how those pre-season games work, you kinda get the stars in there and then everybody gets to play," Myers said after practice, sounding pretty pumped. "Oh my goodness, I might be playing, I haven't played in a year and I might be three practices in and get in a game. I don't know the situation, but it's pretty exciting, I'm just excited about the opportunity."

Eugene Bright is also in the mix. He's trying to make the transition from defensive end, so Bright has been receiving a lot of extra reps. Another possibility, fullback Leonard Weaver. He last played tight end back in college, but the Eagles are keeping Weaver familiar with the role.

"You know what, I mean it's one of those things, it could be tough," said Weaver. "But at the same time (I haven't played [tight end] in a couple of years) whatever the coach wants me to do, I can definitely do it. And I told them that from day one -- whatever they need me to do stepping on the field, I'll do it."

Injuries continue to be the hot topic at Lehigh. Shawn Andrews is still not practicing. Andy Reid says Shawn is making progress, but he can't say whether his right tackle will be ready for the season opener.

DeSean Jackson did not practice Sunday morning after hyperextending his knee the day before, but he did return to the field for the afternoon session. Jackson appears to be fine, but the Eagles have seen their share of injuries during camp. So Andy Reid, are you worried?

"I don't even look at it that way. I go the opposite way and say, 'Hey, it's an opportunity for other guys to play.' And thank goodness we have the kind of guys we feel comfortable with that can do that," Reid said Sunday.

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