What Was Donnel Pumphrey Thinking With His LeBron James Tweets?

When it was announced that LeBron James had agreed to terms with the Los Angeles Lakers, a big sigh of disappointment was heard throughout the Philadelphia region.

The dream of King James leading the young sixers to the promise land had vanished. Meanwhile, Eagles running back and San Diego native Donnel Pumphrey was elated and tweeted this:

Little did Pumphrey realize that was not what Philadelphia sports fans wanted to see at that particular time, so they lit into him with a barrage of responses, most of them unpleasant.

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So you would think Pumphrey would have gone silent after this , but he proceeded to add a few more tweets.

Pumphrey, what were you thinking?

You didn't contribute one single play to the success of the Eagles in 2017. You averaged 1.88 yards per carry in the preseason and spent the regular season on IR with a torn hamstring.

I don't have a problem with Pumphrey being a Lakers fan, but I do have a problem with Pumphrey not understanding he rubbed salt into the wounds of a Philadelphia fan base that was rooting for him.

Now they're rooting for the Eagles to cut him before he even has a chance to redeem himself on the field.

Hopefully Pumphrey learned a valuable lesson of don't bite the hand that supported you because as he's now finding out, this fan base bites back hard.

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