Vegas Odds Support Idea Eagles Are in Good Spot at 32

A couple weeks ago, on a lengthy conference call with reporters around the country, NFL Network's Mike Mayock said he thought the Eagles were in a good position with the 32nd pick in the draft (see story)

Mayock said the Eagles can either pick the best player on the board or there might be a chance to trade down and pick up some much-needed draft choices if another team wants to sneak back into the first round and get a quarterback. 

The bonus for a team that wants to do that would be to guarantee they get their guy and to also get the fifth-year option on that QB's rookie contract. 

The latest odds from Vegas seem to support Mayock's assertion the Eagles have "prime real estate." According to Bovada, the over/under position where Lamar Jackson is expected to be drafted is set at 32 1/2. 

Jackson, the quarterback from Louisville, could very well be the key for the Eagles in this spring's draft. If he hasn't been selected by the time the Eagles are on the clock at 32, there's a good chance some phone calls might be coming in. And the Eagles will very likely be willing to answer. 

The best example of something like this happening recently came in 2014, when the Vikings moved up to draft Teddy Bridgewater with the last pick in the first round. The Seahawks moved down to pick No. 40 and added a fourth-rounder. 

The Eagles have six draft picks this year but none in the second or third rounds. And their first of their two fourth-round picks is the 30th pick of that round. That's a long time for the Birds to wait between selections. 

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At the combine last week, Eagles vice president of football operations Howie Roseman said the Eagles wouldn't hesitate to draft a player they like with the 32nd pick but if there are a few players with similar grades or guys who they deem aren't worthy of the pick, they'd then look to move down. 

Of course, in order to move down, the Eagles will need a partner. If Jackson is still on the board, it could help them find one. 

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