Tina Fey Is the MVP of SNL Super Bowl Sketch About Philly Vs. New England

When it comes to New England vs. Philadelphia, nobody represents the hoagie mouths better than Tina Fey.

The Upper Darby native brought out her Philly bona fides on a pretty great sketch on Saturday Night Live last night.

The Revolutionary War sketch put the patriots of New England, led by host Natalie Portman, up against the 

The New England contingent are all "dynasty!" this and "kiiiid" that. The insuferability was on point.

Tina Fey finally appears to defend the delegation from Philadelphia. She brought the Wawa hoagies. 

Fey managed to squeeze a nod to punching police horses in amongst drops of mom-mom and pop-pop. She nails the pronunciation of Iggles and ends the bit offering to take it outside. Very accurate.

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