The Poles in Philly Are Greased and Ready for Eagles Fans

Crisco was no match for Eagles fans. So the city is upping their game to water-resistant oil.

Poles in center city Philadelphia have been greased up today in the lead up to the Birds taking on the New England Patriots in Super Bowl VII.

Philadelphia Inquirer reporter Caitlin McCabe was out on Broad Street on Sunday afternoon and snapped some photos of workers greasing up the poles.

"Philadelphia pole climbers: meet your match tonight. As predicted, no Crisco on the poles. Instead, police are using hydraulic fluid. And it's water resistant, too, they said, so this afternoon's rain won't make it any easier for you to climb," McCabe tweeted.

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She also reported at least 100 poles have been greased in the blocks nearest to City Hall.

I'm sure Eagles fans will be up for the challenge if the Birds come out victorious tonight. The celebration on Broad after the NFC Championship game was bonkers. I can only imagine how nuts tonight will be.

Meet you there.

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