Mountain Man Kiko Alonso Wouldn't Mind Playing Tight End

The Level staff debated about the headline of this article with, "Bad Linebacker Kiko Alonso wants to play tight end" being a close second.

But the lede to an ESPN story on Kiko had us go with "Mountain Man" because this is just so rich:

CALI, Colombia -- After 15 years, Kiko Alonso is back to milking cows, savoring the smell of fresh guava and riding a chestnut horse across the field of his ancestors.

You see, Kiko connected with his roots this offseason and traveled to Colombia to do so. Will it help him become a better football player? Tough to say, but he wouldn't mind trying his hand at the other side of the ball. Again, from the ESPN profile:

"We have good tight ends in Miami," he said, "but if the Dolphins need me for a specific play, I can move on that side of the ball. I've already told the coaches that if they want me out there in a goal-line situation, I'm ready to jump into the field. I have some specific plays at hand, but I won't reveal them."

Alonso ended up in Miami as part of the Byron Maxwell trade that helped the Birds move up to the No. 8 spot which eventually helped them move up even further to land future franchise QB Carson Wentz (We graded the initial trade as a C+ for the Eagles).

So Kiko is no longer Philly's problem. But maybe he can be Miami's solution. On offense. At tight end.

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