Gunn on One: Chris Long Sees a Little Tom Brady in Carson Wentz

In this week's "Gunn-on-One," which you can see Sunday on NBC Sports Philadelphia's Eagles Pregame Live, Derrick Gunn chats with defensive end Chris Long.

Long is looking forward to facing the Rams, who drafted him with the No. 2 overall pick in 2008, and says he sees a little Tom Brady in Carson Wentz.

Gunn: You played your first eight years in the NFL with the Rams. They've relocated, but you still know guys on that team. How much are you looking forward to playing them?

Long: No. 1, they're a really good football team. As I watch those guys, when I'm not preparing to play them, I am very happy for them, having known a lot of them [from] going through some of the losing we went through. I am happy for those guys that they are getting a taste of winning. Guys like Aaron Donald and Robert Quinn, really great players that maybe never got their due and now they are. They're in this situation and it's not an accident. We're similar teams, exciting to watch and disruptive on the defensive side of the ball. It's going to be a great matchup and a lot of fun.

Gunn: You were with Tom Brady last year and now Carson Wentz. Do you see similarities in their preparation and dedication to the game?

Long: I'm always hesitant to compare players, but as far as the way they go about work every day and details, that's a prerequisite for a great quarterback. Carson certainly has an opportunity to be great and he's been great this year. Having worked with Tom, you see the work ethic and I certainly see that with Carson this year. Both of those guys are unselfish. They treat their teammates great and they're not bigger than the team.

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Gunn: Give me your assessment of Jared Goff, who has really flourished under Sean McVay.

Long: Having played him last year, when the Rams came to New England, I thought he was actually very tough. I know he has that Southern California thing going, but he's a tough kid. He will stand in there and obviously, what a difference a year makes. Coach McVay has done a great job with him and he's getting everybody involved.

Long also added he feels old when he thinks about how he's older than the Rams' head coach - Long is 32 and McVay is 31. My extended Gunn-on-One with Long comes your way Sunday at 3 p.m. on Eagles Pregame Live.

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