Eli Manning Flips Double Bird on Live TV During Eagles-Cowboys

Eli Manning couldn't help but provide a viral moment on ESPN's alternate broadcast of the Eagles-Cowboys game Monday night

USA Today Images

The Dallas Cowboys weren't the only ones to have fun with some birds on Monday Night Football. 

Giants legend Eli Manning, who had his own fair share of battles in the City of Brotherly Love, showed all of America his two middle fingers on ESPN's alternate "ManningCast" of the Eagles-Cowboys game. 

While discussing his experience playing in Lincoln Financial Field with former Eagle Chris Long, Manning explained how 9-year-old kids would flip him off while he played in Philly. So Manning got a little bit of revenge of his own. 

"So you go to Philly and you're getting the double-bird right away from a 9-year-old kid. I would give the bird. I don't know. Can you do that?" Manning said on the broadcast. "See if you can blur that out, right?"

ESPN's ManningCast continues to captivate audiences early in the football season and it remains to be seen how the network will respond to Manning's viral moment. To be fair, Manning apologized immediately after the commercial break.

Hopefully, Eli and Peyton can continue to make things interesting, especially considering the lack of competition in the Cowboys' 41-21 drubbing of the Eagles in primetime. 

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