Eagles Storylines at 2018 NFL Owners Meetings

ORLANDO, Fla. - While the Northeast is still getting over a late-March snowstorm this week, the NFL world will convene in sunny Central Florida for its annual league meetings. 

But there seems to be a new dark cloud hovering over the Eagles. The meetings happen just a few days after the news of Michael Bennett's indictment on a felony charge broke. This will be the first opportunity to question the Eagles' brass about the future of their new defensive end in Philly. 

Aside from Bennett talk, here are some other things to watch this week:  

The top dogs
Not far removed from their Super Bowl championship, the Eagles should be walking around the posh resort with their chests puffed out this year. That title places a target on their backs. They probably feel it. 

The only thing harder than getting to the top is staying there. We'll get to talk to Jeff Lurie for the first time since just after the Super Bowl win. There won't be as many topics of conversation as last year, but any time the owner speaks, it's worth listening. He's expected to address reporters Tuesday evening. 

Howie keep doing it? 
Howie Roseman is sure trying to stay on the top of the mountain. Last year, he made a couple huge moves at the owners' meetings, signing Patrick Robinson and Chris Long. So while the Eagles have made some moves this offseason, they might not be done. 

Whenever Roseman is around a bunch of other NFL teams and player agents, he seems to get things done. Look for a move or two this week. Roseman is expected to speak to reporters on Monday afternoon, so maybe he'll have some news to deliver. 

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Hey Doug!
This will be the first time Doug Pederson speaks publicly since the NFL Combine. A lot has happened since then. The team lost some free agents and gained some to replace them. We'll get his take on all of it.

Pederson, along with every other NFL coach, will sit down for an hour-long interview session over breakfast early Tuesday morning. Eggs with a side of questioning. 

New rules
This week in Orlando, the competition committee will meet to go over plenty of proposed rule changes. The Eagles submitted a few proposals last year but none this year. 

Among the proposals to be voted on are 10 playing rules changes. The one that has gotten the most press, which makes sense, is the proposed catch rule change. It aims to simplify the catch rule to try to take some confusion out of what should be one of the simplest plays in the game. Andrew Kulp took a closer look at that here.

There are a few other interesting proposals. One would make defensive pass interference a 15-yard penalty instead of a spot foul; unless refs deem it to be egregious, in which case it would still be a spot foul. This is a divisive proposed rule change. Some like it but are afraid defensive players will be happy to take a penalty instead of giving up a 60-yard touchdown pass. 

The Competition Committee also wants to eliminate the extra point after a team wins on a walk-off in regulation. Remember the Saints in the NFC Championship Game? Well, the reason this is a rule is that point differential is a tie-breaker in the regular season. We'll see.

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