New Commemorative Utley Figurine Has Kung Fu Grip!

It’s no secret that “Spawn” creator and comic book legend Todd McFarlane (don’t confuse him with the Family Guy guy -- he hates that) is a huge baseball fan. He’s the guy that purchased five of Mark McGwire’s home run balls from his 70-homer season (oops!), among other pricey memorabilia. McFarlane also has an entire Toy division on his website that sells fancy sculpted MLB figurines. And the Examiner was nice enough to point out that McFarlane Toys just announced that they have a brand new Chase Utley figure (don’t call it a doll!):

The new wave includes brand new sculpts for Joe Mauer and Derek Jeter, as well as a new pose for Philadelphia Phillies Chase Utley who now appears at bat, the previous version had him fielding.

It’s true. You can see the old Utley pose here. The new, sluggier pose is shown above, and I prefer seeing Chase poised to blast one out of the park than I do seeing him meekly fall to one knee to field a routine grounder. That is NOT a heroic stance. The old Utley is also more expensive than the new one. Of course, they could have alleviated this issue by making the Chase Utley figure moveable, so that you could have it field, or bat, or hijack a Matchbox ice cream truck. But then it wouldn’t be ART, and everyone needs more baseball-related commercial art in their lives.

And considering Utley hasn't taken any cuts yet this season as he deals with a bum knee, the current pose seems a bit optimistic.

I just wish the new figure didn’t have the home plate hanging off the edge. You just know your 6-year-old is gonna tear that right off. Best you keep it in a titanium-collecting jar.

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