Watch: Joel Embiid Tries Afternoon Tea and Crumpets to Celebrate London Game

Joel Embiid is a very large human being so watching him drink out of a tiny little tea cup and eat a tiny little crumpet is quite the sight.

JoJo sat down with former Penn State basketball star and current broadcaster over in Europe John Amaechi for afternoon tea and cakes.

The NBA posted video of their afternoon tea session to help promote the game the Sixers will play against the Boston Celtics in January in London

"I think it's great for the game to actually play a game [in London]. It shows you that the NBA is willing to come and grow this game," Embiid says of the NBA playing a game overseas.

That's all fine and nice but simply watching Embiid drink tea for basically the first time is pretty hilarious. He tries some regular old tea at first and determines it needs some sugar. Being such a big man, JoJo doesn't simply put one sugar cube into his tea. No, Embiid puts like 8 cubes in and that makes the tea more agreeable to him.

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