Sixers' Utah Summer League Schedule Released

The Sixers are preparing for the draft at the end of June, and at the same time eyeing players to add to their summer league rosters in July. 

The first stop will be the Utah Jazz Summer League, which runs July 4-7. The schedule was released today, including the Sixers, Celtics, Spurs and Jazz. 

Monday, July 4
5 p.m. - Celtics vs. Sixers
7 p.m. - Spurs vs. Jazz

Tuesday, July 5
3 p.m. - Sixers vs. Spurs
5 p.m. - Celtics vs. Jazz

Wednesday, July 6
No games

Thursday, July 7
5 p.m. - Celtics vs. Spurs
7 p.m. - Sixers vs. Jazz

The Sixers will participate in Utah before heading to Las Vegas for the NBA’s larger summer league, held July 8-18. 

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