Mike Missanelli Goes on Epic Rant Torching the Sixers After Blowout Loss in Miami

"Last night was a flat-out, absolute disgrace, and somebody needs to take heat for it," Missanelli said on 97.5 this afternoon

The Sixers took a shellacking at the hands of the Heat last night down in Miami.

Ben Simmons was unhappy about it. Fans were unhappy about it. And you know sports talk radio hosts are going to be unhappy about it.

Mike Missanelli was unhappy with many things this afternoon: Ben Simmons saying the Sixers were soft last night while refussing to shoot a jump shot. Joel Embiid moping around the floor in the 4th quarter and complaining about his lack of shots after the game. Al Horford stealing money. The Sixers' ownership group enjoying the Super Bowl in a luxory box alongside Simmons, Embiid, Tobias Harris, and Meek Mill and allowing a photo to be taken of the group.

Mikey Miss is bothered by A LOT.

Some notable moments from the rant he went on during his show today on 97.5 the Fantatic:

"I'm bothered by the fact that Al Horford -- who clearly has NO interest in playing for this team; NONE! -- steals money every night with his passive play -- passive as a pussycat play. That bothers me too," Missanelli said.

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"I am bothered by every little thing about this team right now," Missanelli told his listeners as if they hadn't been listening for the past few minutes.

"To salvage this season, some kind of drastic change is needed, which includes: zipping the head coach, making a major deal at the trade deadline. If you don't do anything at all this season has the earmarks of a first round playoff exit and that, my friends, would be a damn shame."

"Last night was a flat-out, absolute disgrace, and somebody needs to take heat for it."

You can watch the entire rant above. He even mixes in an impersonation of Josh Harris sitting courtside!

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