Joel Embiid Pays Tribute to Retiring Fashion Icon Tim Duncan

Tim Duncan announced his retirement from the NBA as he did most things throughout his career: in an understated way.

Duncan was inarguably one of, if not the, greatest players of his time. Duncan's retirement was announced on the San Antonio Spurs website and the 19-year veteran didn't even provide a statement.

He made his statements on the hardwood. And, unfortunately, off of it with his #normcore style long before #normcore even existed.

Sixers big man (and future great like Duncan) Joel Embiid paid tribute to Duncan's legendary style in a pair of tweets on Monday.

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Brett Brown was obviously very close with Duncan having spent the bulk of his pre-Sixers days with the Spurs. Brown provided some thought on Duncan's departure today via Bob Cooney of the Daily News.

“I remember more than anything, before every playoff series," Brown said. "Timmy would go to a whiteboard and put up the number 16 (wins needed to secure the title). And we’d win and he’d walk up and erase it and put 15, and then 14. Four times (when Brown was with the Spurs) he put zero and we won it. He walked down NBA seasons in his head and brought us and himself to a place in May and June to win it again. He’s a friend and a good person. He taught me a lot. It’s not a sad day, one of terrific reflection.”

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