Frustrated Ken Giles Punches Himself in the Face

Ken Giles was always an intense dude.

With the Phillies, following a big out or save, he'd be so pumped up that he'd often hop off the mound and wear this fierce scowl on his face.

When a closer is zoned in, he's zoned in.

Like this …

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Whether it was good or bad, Giles would show his emotions. Many remember the dugout confrontation he had with Ryne Sandberg and Bob McClure in 2015.

As a visitor, Giles returned to Citizens Bank Park last season with a boom box and some dance moves, somewhat jokingly (we think) getting himself ready out in the bullpen for a July game.

Has anything changed with Giles since he's gone to the Houston Astros?

Not really. He won a World Series last season despite struggling with an 11.74 postseason ERA and ultimately losing his ninth-inning role amid the team's run.

If anything, though, Giles' intensity has actually gone up a notch.

Didn't think that was possible? For proof, here was his reaction Tuesday night to allowing four runs on 16 pitches in the Astros' 4-0 loss to the Yankees.

Yes, that is Giles punching himself in the face. Like actually punching his own face.

Listen, you've got to like his passion. You want players to be upset when they don't perform.

But socking yourself in the jaw? That might not help Giles tomorrow.

The 27-year-old had allowed just two runs in 10 innings (1.80 ERA) prior to Tuesday's outing. Maybe he felt a good thumping was needed in order to get back on track the next time he takes the mound.

Whatever works for those closers.

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