Cameron Rupp Snaps Back at Fan Who Criticized Him Last Night

If you're a professional athlete that plays in Philadelphia, you've got to get used to taking heat from fans.

Sometimes it is deserved and sometimes it isn't. And sometimes those athletes hit the end of their rope, have had enough, and fire back.

Phillies catcher Cameron Rup shot back at a fan on Twitter last night after the Phillies came one strike away from a victory only to have Jeanmar Gomez 

Here's the scene set up courtesy of Noah Levick:

Gomez’s sinker, a pitch he can normally rely on to induce groundballs in pressure situations, sailed very high several times. One bounced by Cameron Rupp, allowing the tying run to reach third base after Christian Yelich cut the Phillies' lead in half with an RBI double. Rupp trotted out three times during home run derby champion Giancarlo Stanton’s at-bat while Yelich stood on second, which ended in a walk and that aforementioned wild pitch.

Those trips to the mound irritated some fans.

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You win some, you lose some. And sometimes you need to tell a fan to be quiet.

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