McNabb: Prayers to Johnson, Happiness for Vick

Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb might want to be a bit more careful about the subjects he combines when he blogs.

His latest Yardbarker blog could raise some eyebrows because of his thoughts on "a couple of friends."

In a short entry D-Mac said that his prayers go out to Jim Johnson as the Eagles defensive coordinator battles cancer. "My thoughts and prayers go out to [Johnson]," wrote McNabb.

McNabb's nice gesture was nothing out of the ordinary -- a longtime co-worker expressing concern about someone they've known for a decade.

The surprising tidbit was McNabb's shout out to disgraced QB Michael Vick.

"I am happy that Michael Vick has served his time and will now be afforded the opportunity to move on with his life," wrote McNabb. "I’m sure he will continue to be remorseful and will learn from his experiences."

McNabb is sticking his neck out calling the vilified Vick his "friend." It's a nice to show his support to a fellow QB but Vick isn't exactly Mr. popular among the American public.

And Vick being out of jail isn't enough for D-Mac he wants to see Vick back on the field.

"Hopefully he will have the opportunity to continue his dream of playing professional football," McNabb said.

Should McNabb have lumped Johnson's cancer battle and Vick's public image struggle in the same entry? Probably not. But, it's unlikely that he meant any bad will when he posted his blog.

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