Mad Dog Lands on DL After Getting Mad

Phillies reliever out after breaking his toe while kicking a chair

You can't say that Phillies reliever Ryan Madson doesn't care about his craft.

The 29-year-old blew the save for the Phillies Wednesday afternoon in San Francisco. But the real fireworks happened after he left the hill.

He wasn't happy that he blew the game (the Phillies would go on to win the game anyway) in the first place but after he tripped in the dugout he flipped out, he said.

He eventually kicked a metal chair -- breaking his toe, he told reporters Friday.

"I took out my frustrations in the wrong way," said an apologetic Mad Dog.

There goes any talk of a closer controversy in Philly this weekend as the Mets come to town. Brad Lidge is coming off the disabled list while the guy who kept his closer role warm is headed to the DL.

Madson was placed on the DL Friday with a broken right "great toe," according to the Phillies.

Hold on -- what’s so “great” about a broken toe. (Great toe is another way to say big toe.)

Kidding aside, the Phillies bullpen took a blow right when it finally seemed like they would have all their veteran relievers healthy after Lidge and J.C. Romero came back.

Mad Dog was closing while Lidge was recovering from offseason elbow and knee surgery. The 29-year-old righty wasn’t very successful in the closers spots posting a 09-Lidge-esque 7.00 ERA with two blown saves in nine appearances.

Madson appears not to be cut out as a closer having blown 21 saves while converting only 19 saves over his career, but he has always been solid as a setup man.

The good news is that Madson said his toe won't need surgery.

The Phillies will now need to rely on Danys Baez, Jose Contreras and Chad Durbin to pick up the slack as the right-handed setup man.

Lefty Antonio Bastardo, who was just sent down to make room for Lidge’s return, was recalled from the minors to take Madson’s place in the pen.

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