Lost That Ticket Stub?

There might be hope for fans in any case

Phans who didn't hold onto their World Series Game 5 ticket stub or had it damaged in the nasty weather may still be able to see the completion of the game.

Game 5 is in a suspended rain delay and tentatively scheduled to restart in the bottom of the sixth inning on Wednesday night.

Any phan holding onto a Game 5 ticket stub will be able to catch the last 3.5 innings by presenting that stub at the gate.

For those who went to Game 5 but can't show the proof there is a glimmer of hope if they do the following:

  • Contact the Phillies ticket office early in the day
  • The Phils ticket people will search their database for the phans ticket information
  • You will probably be asked to go to the ticket office and present ID
  • The phan will get a new copy of their tickets if everything checks out.

For fans who lost their stub and can't prove they owned one in the first place or just want in on possible history there is always Stub Hub where a literal stub is going for anywhere from $575 to $3,500 to catch the final 21 outs in person.

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