Kendrick's World Series Ring Swiped

Someone seemingly stole more than just a base from Phillies reliever Kyle Kendrick last week.

Kendrick, a Mount Vernon, Wash. native, is short a World Series ring after his Washington State home was burglarized between March 30 and April 1 while his family wasn’t home, Mount Vernon Police said.

Mount Vernon is located about an hour north of Seattle.

The burglars allegedly broke through a locked door, managed to avoid tripping the alarm and spent a good amount of time in the home as they snatched up home electronics, memorabilia and one very precious ring, cops said.

The thieves made off with Kendrick’s engraved 2008 World Series ring and several personal gloves and bats, according to police.

The 3.84-karat ring has 103 diamonds set in white gold.

Though the ring is "priceless" to Kendrick, it was insured for an unreported amount, police told the Seattle Times.

Fellow Philthy Stuff blogger Michelle O'Malley, an insurance agent by day, was relieved to read that Kendrick's ring was insured:

I'm sure everything else was, too. But I know how big a kick in the gut it is to come home and wonder what you'll find left inside, and no matter how you feel about Kendrick's performance on the field, no one deserves to have this happen to them. Getting a check from an insurance company is nice to replace a television or a stereo, maybe, but some things can't be replaced.

Kendrick didn't pitch in the 2008 postseason but still received a ring after going 11-9 in 31 games with the Phightins that season.

And not only did the burglars grab Kendrick's stuff but baseball memorabilia of a famous Washington State sports icon. While they were in the stealing mood, the thieves also grabbed a framed autographed jersey from former Mariners star Ken Griffey Jr.

Another home on Kendrick’s block was also burglarized around the same time cops said.

Police are investigating the robbery and ask anyone with info to call Detective Brandon Young at (360) 336-6255 or police dispatch at (360) 428-3211.

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