Jon Stewart Loves “Nails,” Not “Mad Money”

Daily Show host Jon Stewart has made a living off his wry and fresh humor about pop culture and politics but along the way a few favorite targets keep popping up on his radar.

Two Stewart favorites are anything to do with the New York Mets or CNBC’s Jim Cramer.

Stewart loves the Mets -- even if he admits that they stink. But Stewart wasn’t so kind to Cramer when the “Mad Money” host came on the Daily Show earlier this year.

So the symbiotic moment of Mets (and Phillies) legend Lenny Dykstra filing for bankruptcy after being called a financial genius by Cramer gave Stewart rant-worthy material on Tuesday’s episode.

There were some funny moments including when Stewart complained that the video of Dykstra chewing a huge wad of “bleep” was from “The Dude’s” time in Philly, not Queens.

And of course before finishing his rant on Dykstra’s demise, Stewart took “the wood” (as the guys over at The 700 Level put it) to Cramer.

Watch the video and enjoy the verbal massacre.
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