Joe Banner: More of the Same

Is anyone else tired of hearing Joe Banner speak after a disappointing ending to the season? Every year, he tells the media and fans the same message.

Why not re-play the recordings of his interviews from last season? Or the season before that? He can then at least save himself some time.

Banner is expected to join Angelo and the morning team on WIP Wednesday morning to discuss the state of the team. He already spoke to Michael Barkann on Comcast Sportsnet and to our own John Clark (the full interview will air as part of Sunday's Sports Final).

As we all expected, Donovan McNabb, Andy Reid, and even Tom Heckert will all be back next season. Banner told Barkann this is what the fans want.

What! Did Banner really just say that? The fans in Philadelphia want something to change so that next season, maybe there will be a happy ending.

After 10 seasons of the same philosophy and no Super Bowl rings, why not stop gloating about your five NFC Championship appearances and talk more about the four losses! The fans do not care about Reid’s record over 10 seasons or his NFC Championship appearances -- they want to see a Super Bowl title brought to Philly!

Banner dismissed any questions concerning Reid’s GM responsibilities being taken away. He believes they surround Reid with great coaches, Tom Heckert, and himself to help guide him through difficult decisions.

The most comical part of the interview was when Banner compared Reid to John Madden. He said, "In Oakland, that got him elected to the Hall of Fame. In Philadelphia that gets Andy, at least from the public's perspective, uncertain about his job's future."

Wait a minute; didn’t you just claim fans love Reid earlier in the interview? Now we want him fired? Which is it?

It’s also worth mentioning that Madden had a higher winning percentage and won a Super Bowl with Oakland. That could be one reason why he’s in the Hall of Fame, but that’s just a thought.

What wasn’t brought up in the interview were questions concerning why the team didn't get tight end Tony Gonzalez at the trade deadline by giving up a second round draft pick or why they didn't bring in a real fullback to start the season. These were the personnel mistakes made this season, but lets not forget last season when they didn't have a punt returner and even lost a game because of the lack of a legit return guy.

At least we know there is no reason for any of us to be concerned. Everything will be the same and apparently that’s what the fans want.

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