Is City Ave. Ready for Iverson's Return?

The King of City Ave. is coming back -- are the restaurants ready?

Allen Iverson ruled the roost at some of his former Philly haunts and at least one restaurant is looking forward to welcoming the new (or is it old) Sixers star -- and possibly his entourage -- home.

“He’s a good tipper, a nice guy,” said one employee at Houlihan’s on City Line in Bala Cynwyd, Pa.

The employee, who chose to remain anonymous, said that employees were talking about A.I.’s return and that many longtime servers and bartenders looked forward to seeing him again hoping he would come back.

“Couple of the waiters and bartenders are excited to see him back.”

That same sentiment wasn’t shared across the street on the Philly side of City Ave. at TGI Friday’s.

Iverson and his crew once ruled TGI Friday’s with long nights of eating and drinking, according to Larry Platt’s book Only the Strong Survive.

Iverson and Friday’s became synonymous with one another. He likes the place so much that he even gave an interview over the summer with the Detroit Free Press from where else? A Detroit-area Friday’s, according to the 700 Level.

Heck, this was Iverson’s spot back in the day.

But, that relationship wasn’t always smooth as rumors about some misbehavior swirled during his last stint in Philly.

What do they think at Friday’s?

“Officially we have no comment,” said a manager at the restaurant.

It seems that Friday’s corporate offices have already slammed the door on any Iverson chatter at their City Ave. establishment.

Wherever “The Answer” decides to park his Escalade (if he still drives one) this time around should be ready. Iverson is back in town and, if his first decade in Philly was any clue to his habits, the man likes to eat.

So, be forewarned California Pizza Kitchen, Pei Wei, Potbelly and Chipotle -- A.I. is coming to town.

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