Here's What Kraft Said to Police When He Was Stopped Outside Florida Spa

Kraft was one of several men charged with solicitation after police secretly installed cameras at the Orchids of Asia massage parlor in Jupiter

Court documents filed this week reveal new details about what New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft said when the vehicle he was riding in was stopped by police after leaving the Orchids of Asia Day Spa in January.

Paperwork filed by prosecutors show that Kraft was seen leaving the spa and getting into the front passenger seat of a white 2014 Bentley before it drove away.

Police stopped him shortly thereafter, not knowing that it was Kraft in the car. The police body camera shows Kraft's face, the court documents say. Police said Kraft "was polite and respectful" during the whole process.

"The defendant asked [the officer] if he was a Dolphins fan. He then told the officer that he was the owner of the Patriots, and that his driver was being nice to him by taking him somewhere. Robert Kraft explained to the officer that he had to go to Kansas City tomorrow. He said that the Patriots were playing the Chiefs. Kraft then showed [the officer] his Super Bowl Ring."

The paperwork also includes graphic descriptions, based on video surveillance, of Kraft's visits to the spa. It says he visited the spa on Jan. 19 at 4:44 p.m., accompanied by his driver. He entered the spa and exchanged cash at the front desk and was taken to a massage room where he was allegedly massaged by two women with the lights turned off. After performing an alleged "sexual act" on him, one of the women helped Kraft get dressed. He then handed additional cash to both of the women and gave one of them a warm embrace before leaving.

Prosecutors said Kraft returned to the spa the following day around 11 a.m. Just as he had done the day before, court documents say he paid in cash and was escorted to a massage room where another sexual encounter ensued.

The documents were filed in court ahead of Friday's hearing in which Kraft's attorneys are attempting to persuade a judge that police violated the 77-year-old's federal and state rights when they secretly installed video cameras at Orchids of Asia. They want the videos thrown out and sealed.

Kraft and 25 other men were charged in February with paying for sex acts. Some have accepted plea deals. Those who haven't would benefit if Kraft succeeds in getting his videos thrown out, as their attorneys could cite the ruling. Prosecutors originally said the spa might be involved in human trafficking, but have since retracted that.

Kraft has pleaded not guilty, but released a statement apologizing to Patriots fans and others for his actions.

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