Greetings From Clearwater: Charlie Fires Up the Troops

NBC 10's John Clark is soaking up the sun and the swings in Florida. He will be bringing you the latest from Clearwater, Fla. as the Phillies report for Spring Training.

What a beautiful day in Clearwater for the first day for pitchers and catchers.

The pitcher and catchers aren't alone -- Ryan Howard and Chase Utley are also here taking some swings.

Charlie Manuel gave a speech to the team that really got them fired up. He dropped a few curse words, said Manuel.

Listening to the speech Chris Coste said he had some goosebumps.

Manuel's message -- we won the World Series... what an accomplishment, but now it doesn't matter. It's time to get back to work and try to win another.

Some of the players told me they are just as hungry to repeat because they want to prove that last season wasn't a fluke.

They were underdogs through most of the playoffs and nobody thought they could get it done, said reliever Ryan Madson. They feel the same way now -- they want to prove people wrong again -- nobody thinks they can repeat.

Be sure to turn into Sports Final Sunday night at 11:30 for interviews with the players about some of the Phillies coming back in much better shape -- they're hungry for another title.

I also sat down with J.C. Romero for a one-on-one interview about how painful this Spring Training is since he knows that he will miss the first 50 games on suspension.

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