Big East Power Poll: Widening Mid-Section

There are 10 teams in the Big East that are + or - 1 game of .500 in conference play through Sunday. Georgetown has been the only team near the top to start getting some real separation. On the other end, USF and St. John's are well on their way to assuring themselves of not making a trip to Madison Square Garden for the Big East Tournament.

Teams having the best week: Rutgers and UConn. The Scarlet Knights knocked off two top-25 teams for the first time in 5 years. The Huskies beat Marquette and #7 Indiana on the road showing that the potential of the young team is starting to be scratched.

Teams having the worst week: Villanova and St. John's. Blitzed by Rutgers and then lost at home to Notre Dame to slide below .500 in the conference. St. John's just doesn't look like they even want to compete after a certain point.
This ranking was composed before the Monday night Louisville-UConn game (otherwise, the Cards and Huskies would switch spots).

  1. Georgetown -- They take every team's best shot. The games have been close, but they keep winning.
  2. Louisville -- A very easy week with the two worst teams: USF and St. John's to let the young kids get some experience.
  3. UConn -- After losing 3 straight, they then win 3 straight with two of the wins coming on the road. Huge week.
  4. Notre Dame -- A road win, a road win. At long last, a road win.
  5. Pitt -- Just hanging by a thread here. That Rutgers loss looked like a team wearing down from not enough bodies to play.
  6. WVU -- I still can't be sure if it was a block or a goaltend. It's probably the difference between here or a few spots higher.
  7. Syracuse -- They nearly took out the Hoyas in DC, then got past the only team that plays less defense than they do.
  8. Marquette -- Win at home lose on the road. They have another surge in them, but right now they look confused.
  9. Seton Hall -- They can score and play defense. They just don't have much depth.
  10. Villanova -- A really bad week. Losing at the RAC badly and then not able to run with ND at home. Gave Rutgers their first BE win and ND their first road win of the season.
  11. Cinci -- They had that UConn win before the dumb foul. Now, they have to show they can move past it. They didn't against Seton Hall.
  12. DePaul -- A patsy non-con in late January? Okay. No shame in losing at the Bradley Center.
  13. Rutgers -- Their best week in at least 5 years. The Scarlet Knights are shooting 55% in their past 3 games.
  14. Providence -- Defense optional and Tim Welsh's assistants should update their resumes.
  15. USF -- The deeper the schedule goes, the worse they look.
  16. St. John's -- Norm Roberts got the Isiah Thomas treatment at MSG as they were destroyed by Pitt.

This was they way the rankings looked last week. The full power poll of all Big East bloggers is here.

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