A Case of the Mondays: Blowout City

This weekend's relentless pursuit of the college football blowout was a mad success. High scores were the norm, highlighted by woodshed moments out of Texas and Penn State. USC coach Pete Carroll even went the mercy route before halftime against pitiful Washington State. Of course blowout ethics became a discussion point and we're happy to talk about that, as well.

In other news, the first round of BCS rankings are out and fans of undefeated Penn State are getting that nervous feeling as they sit at No. 3 while Alabama has survived a few scares, yet sits at No. 2. Oh, the injustice! College football is nothing if not wailing about something, so we've got the forum if you've got the time.

We'll start things at 2 pm EST. Join us in this brief water cooler session; it's college football therapy on a Monday and you know you need it. Chat with us after the jump.

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