Eagles' Jason Kelce References Nick Sirianni's Roots Message After Win Over Lions

'Roots on three!’ — Kelce celebrates Sirianni’s message after blowout win originally appeared on NBC Sports Philadelphia

Nick Sirianni took a lot of public grief this week after comparing the Eagles to a flower that had not yet sprouted.

He knew it. His players knew it.

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Then they went to Detroit and demolished the Lions 44-6.

So after the game and after a fired-up Sirianni congratulated his team for its dominant win over the Lions, Jason Kelce broke the team down in fitting fashion.

“Let’s keep this thing [bleeping] rolling,” Kelce shouted with his traditional voice crack. “Keep them roots growing, baby! Roots on three. One, two three …”


As silly as it sounded, the metaphor did make sense. Sirianni’s point was that the Eagles have been laying the ground work to be successful under the surface and it just wasn’t visible to the public yet. There weren’t any real signs that those roots were growing based on their record going into Detroit, but his players seemed to like the message.

“I put a picture of a flower up, and it's coming through the ground and the roots are growing out and the roots are continuing to grow out, and everybody wants to see results,” Sirianni said. “Shoot, nobody wants to see results more than us. We want to see results too, but it’s really important that the foundation is being built and that the roots are growing out, and the only way the roots grow out every single day and they grow stronger and they grow better is if we all water, we all fertilize, we all do our part, each individual coach, each individual player, each everybody in the building that we do our part to water to make sure that when it does pop out it really pops out it really pops out and it grows.

“We are going through tough times and everybody wants to see results but just keep doing what we’re doing, keep watering. Look at yourself first and know, ‘Are you watering? And are you fertilizing every day?’ So when it’s time to pop it’ll pop.”

The Eagles sprouted on Sunday. Now it’s time to see if they’ll thrive or wilt in the coming weeks.

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