Terrell Owens Makes NFC East Pick, Gushes About Time With Eagles

The Eagles made key upgrades this offseason, but they haven't improved enough for Terrell Owens to call them the favorite to win the NFC East.

"I think hands down that'll probably be Dallas," Owens told ESPN's Adam Schefter on Schefter's podcast. "I don't think Philadelphia has made enough moves. I don't think the nucleus and the core is there. I think they've had too much going on the last few years that they really haven't had the nucleus of guys and they're going to be able to jell together enough to come all together at one time to really compete for that NFC East. It's going to be probably the Giants or the Cowboys to come out of the NFC East."

Despite his unforgettable and unceremonious banishment from the Birds, Owens has fond memories of his time in Philadelphia. T.O. spent his first eight seasons with the 49ers before joining the Eagles, Cowboys, Bills, Bengals and Seahawks. 

Asked to name his favorite city/organization, Owens recalled the good times he had in Philly.

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"It's a toss-up between Philly and Dallas," he said. "I say that because obviously my skill-set, what I brought to the table, my value, really my playmaking ability is really what enabled those guys to pull the trigger to bring me to Philly. They saw that I was the added piece to getting to the championship or winning the Super Bowl. 

"When I went over to Philly in 2004, I knew it was going to be something special. With the way that their defense played - that was the No. 1 thing that I thought about when I went there. All we gotta do is score points. The defense is going to stop guys. They'd been doing it year in and year out. 

"But when I went to the Eagles, the weapons that we had from (Brian) Westbrook, (Todd) Pinkston, myself, Correll Buckhalter, L.J. Smith, Chad Lewis, Donovan McNabb - we had weapons all over the field that could make plays at any given time, and I added literally some extra octane to an already stocked situation."

Extra octane and then some.

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