Sam Bradford Could Retire Or Be Back in a Week Or Two

Sam Bradford could walk away from the $11 million signing bonus that he received from the Eagles.

That's what's Eagles Insider Reuben Frank believes. He shared his opinion on Quick Slants on Wednesday evening.

You can watch the segment above.

"I think he's going to retire, honestly," Frank said. "The guy's made what? $95-$100 million?"

"I think he's going to retire. I think he's had enough. I don't think he wants to be here. Honestly, I don't think anybody else wants him. Maybe you get a 3rd rounder for him, I doubt it. I think it's done, I think it's over with. I think Chase Daniel starts your season, plays five or six games, and then Carson Wentz comes in and is your quarterback for the next ten years. This time next year we're saying, 'Sam who? Who was that guy we had last year that retired? What ever happened to him?'"

It could happen. ProFootballTalk outlined the logistics of such a decision.

Or Bradford could be back in a week or two as his teammate Connor Barwin seems to believe.

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Barwin was a guest on 94 WIP this afternoon to help promote his third MTWB concert on June 3rd and talked about the Bradford/Wentz dynamic.

"I think all of us see Sam as the starter for the next year or two to help mentor the kid and show him the ropes, but Carson will be the quarterback of the future in the long term," Barwin said.

"I think obviously [Bradford] didn't see it coming and was surprised by it, but I expect him to be back in the next week or two and be the starting quarterback next year."

Michael Barkann asked Barwin if it was his understanding that Bradford would be back to the team.

"From my conversation with him it sounded like he was coming back sooner rather than later."

So there you have it. Sam Bradford could retire and never again play for the Eagles or be back next week.

You can listen to Mike and Ike's full conversation with Barwin here.

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