Roob Knows Podcast: How Will Sunday Play Out?

On this edition of Roob Knows, Reuben Frank discusses how the defense has hung in there despite a ridiculous amount of injuries. Doug Pederson needs to find a reliable short-yardage back. 

Ray Didinger joins the podcast and the guys talk about how Sunday will play out. Will the Eagles beat the Redskins and get the luck needed to make the postseason?

1:00 - Remarkable how the defense has hung in there.
5:30 - Doug needs to find a better short yardage/goal line back than Josh Adams.
9:00 - Ray Didinger
13:00 - How has Doug handled the QB situation?
19:00 - The Eagles can't overlook the Redskins.
21:30 - Bears/Vikings and 49ers/Rams.
27:00 - How will Sunday play out?
31:00 - If the Eagles make the playoffs, how dangerous are they?

Philadelphia Eagles

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