Eagle Eye Podcast: Mo Money, Mo Pressure for Carson Wentz

On this edition of Eagle Eye, Reuben Frank and Dave Zangaro react to the Eagles locking up Carson Wentz with a four-year, $128 million contract, with over $107 million guaranteed.

Why it made sense to do it now. Would this deal have gotten done if Wentz was not practicing?

This only adds to the pressure he will face this season and throughout his career. Because of this big money, drafting well becomes paramount for the front office.

1:00 - Eagles extend Wentz. It made sense to do it now.
6:30 - The risks involved committing to him long term.
10:00 - Wentz knows being healthy is important.
13:00 - Guys don't think this deal gets done if Wentz isn't practicing.
16:00 - Does this add pressure on Wentz? Roob thinks he needs to win a Super Bowl to live up to the contract.
23:30 - Drafting well becomes more important now. Might be a bad timing if they lose Joe Douglas.
26:30 - This deal will look like a bargain in a couple years. Roob explains why.

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