Eagles Going Greener With New Waste Initiative

The Philadelphia Eagles are teaming up Waste Masters Solutions on a new environmentally friendly initiative to "properly and efficiently" minimize food waste at Lincoln Financial Field.

This expansion of the team’s "Go Green" program will provide for a food waste digester, and an associated data analytics platform, at Lincoln Financial Field.

Delaware-based Waste Masters Solutions will work with BioHiTech Global – a green technology company based in New York that develops and deploys innovative waste management technologies – on the design, construction and operation of an an Eco-Safe Digester for the stadium. The digester will be used to dispose of food waste during the pre- and post-consumer periods.

Last September, a waste digester was installed at the team’s South Philadelphia practice facility, the NovaCare Complex, to help decompose pre-consumer food waste. Since the installation, more than nine tons — about 18,100 pounds— of food waste has been decomposed and, as a result, diverted from landfills.

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