Eagles Fan Spits on Saints Fan, Spoils Win

One Philadelphia Eagles fan publicly shows his emotions after the season-ending loss

An Eagles fan had zero brotherly love for Saints fan Nick Scelfo Saturday night. The unknown Eagles fan spit in the face of the Saints season ticket holder after the close, nail-biter-of-a-game ended.

"I hate that one guy has to ruin it for the thousands of great, classy, intelligent and loyal Eagles fans that the city possesses," Scelfo said.

"This was my first time in Philly and I can't say whether I'll be back or not. It's a bit ridiculous to have people act like that."

Despite this one unfortunate incident captured on social media, Philadelphia Southwest Detectives said there were a few game ejections for disorderly conduct, but there were no significant measures that required police response during the playoff game.

For Scelfo, things turned "a bit ugly" when Eagles tight end Zach Ertz scored late in the fourth to put the Eagles ahead. Some of the formerly friendly Eagles fans then began their taunts, he recalled. The Saints however drove down the field and as New Orleans lined up to kick a field goal as time expired, Scelfo began recording the moment on his cell phone. Excitedly, he began cheering once the Saints sealed the deal, a crushing end for Philly fans.

As Scelfo panned his phone to record what was happening around him, an Eagles fan turned to him and spit in his face. Scelfo says security at the Linc "did absolutely nothing" and he doesn't know who did the spitting.

"I did say a few choice words back, as any fan would," said Scelfo. "I've been around football and football fans for a large majority of my life." 

Scelfo says he joked around with the Eagles fans he sat near in section 122 for the majority of the game and that he even made friends. He described the atmosphere in the stadium as "electric" and "everything you could want in a road game atmosphere."

Scelfo is a football player himself, playing tight end for Nicholls State University. The Baton Rouge, La. native has been a Saints season ticket holder since the day he was born, his father has had the tickets for more than 25 years.

The one time all-Louisiana football player was attending the game with his girlfriend Calli Baio. The two stopped for cheesesteaks at Geno's before the game. And they were having a great experience in Philly until the moment that spoiled it all. Scelfo posted the video he shot on YouTube, spawning a lot of discussion.

Scelfo has received an apologies from Philly fans and that the experience has been "eye-opening."

Will Scelfo come back to visit Philadelphia? He hasn't made up his mind yet, but is considering it.

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