Eagles Coach Andy Reid Talks Publicly for 1st Time Since Son’s Death

Eagles Coach Andy Reid talks publicly for the first time since his son Garrett's death on Sunday, saying he is very humbled by all the support

Eagles Coach Andy Reid talked publicly for the first time since his oldest son, Garrett, was found dead on Sunday.

"I am a humble man standing before you, a very humble man," Reid said after the morning practice session. "Humble because of the outpouring."

It was the coach's first day back at camp, just one day after the Reid family buried Garrett, 29, in a ceremony that celebrated his heart and his humor.

Reid said the support "was unbelievable, unbelievable. And I know my son owuld feel the same way."

Garrett was found dead in his dorm room at training camp. He'd been working with the strength and conditioning coaches.

The medical examiner hasn't released any official cause of death, but Andy Reid did issue a statement the night before the funeral saying Garrett lost an eight-year, ongoing battle.

Today, Reid talked again about his son's struggles and how tough some of those times were.

"It's like fighting a grizzly bear. It's hard to win," Reid said. "Listen, it's a sad situation. It's one that my son's been battling for a number of years, our family's been battling...that doesn't mean you stop loving your son. . .It's just a sad situation."

Reid said he is relying on his faith, his family and his football family to get through all this.

"We understand that Garret is in a better place right now and at peace, and that comforts us."

Reid said he talks to his players his philosophy for life, and he seems to be using those beliefs to cope.

"Those earlthy emotions you have, you deal with those. You deal with the good and the bad, that's part of life. . .I always tell the players there are kinda four things you go about in life, and how you approach them: One of them is eliminating distractions, another one is creating energy, you fear nothing and you attack everything, and that's kind of how you go about life. And so, life's gonna through you some curve balls, you understand that. All of us, you're not going to bail. You're going to stand in there, and keep swinging.

Garrett had a very public struggle with prescription pills and heroin.

Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie said earlier in the week that Andy would be back to coach the Eagles in their first pre-season game this Thursday against the Steelers at the Linc. Today, coach Reid acknowledge why he needed and wanted to get back to work.

"I know that coming back and coaching is the right thing to do and I know that my son wouldn't want it any other way."

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View more videos at: http://nbcphiladelphia.com.

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