Eagles at Lions: The Big Question

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Last week going into the Packers game we all were wondering about Kevin Kolb. One week later, Kolb's not even going to be on the field.

Still, the biggest question of the week still has to be on the quarterback spot:

How much has Michael Vick learned about playing quarterback since his last start in 2006?

Vick showed potential in an exciting second half last week in which he engineered a comeback that brought the Eagles back into the game and, for a moment, made it possible for the team to eek out a win. He made a few key passes, more scrambling runs and recaptured the attention of the NFL.

Still, it's tough to tell if this Vick is any different than the one who in his prime was basically an average NFL quarterback. He appears to have gotten his speed back -- that makes him a dangerous weapon on the field -- just like he was four years ago.

But has he improved as a passer? Part of the reclamation project that brought Vick to Philadelphia instead of Oakland or Buffalo was the chance he'd have to work under Andy Reid, Marty Mornhinweg and Donovan McNabb to not just return to the NFL, but return as a better quarterback.

On first glance, seeing Vick complete two-thirds of his passes last week, including one touchdown and no interceptions, might make you believe that he has improved. But on closer look many of Vick's completions were still inaccurate, and he held on to the ball too long on multiple occasions -- causing sacks. Was he better or just lucky? Plus, he faced a shocked and unprepared Green Bay defense. How will he do when Detroit has a week to prepare for him and reinstates the classic Vick-spy to keep him in the pocket?

Before the season began, I described my fascination with seeing Vick start a game. Now he has a chance to show us what he's got.

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